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Island is a Korean YLAB webtoon and the 7th superstring webtoon. Published by YLAB, created by Inwan Youn and illustrated by Kyungil Yang. Part 1 was originally a Korean manga in 1997 but was rebooted on May 2016 as a webtoon and Part 2 was released on November 2016.[5]


Part 1

"I’ll offer you 50 million won for every demon you hunt down.” Jeju Island is swarming with demons out for human blood. When Miho Won, heiress of Daehan Group, finds herself at the mercy of one of these evil demons, she strikes a deal with serial killer, Van, to ensure her survival."

Part 2

"Jeju Island, an island full of demons. The mutilated killer Van who defeats it. The return of the exorcism cartoon legend back to the webtoon!"



웹툰 아일랜드 프로모션 비디오

Official Island Part 2 Youtube Trailer

Release Schedule[]

Of the original, it serialized from 1997 to 2001.

On Naver Webtoon, Part 1 released on May 11, 2016 and completed on October 21, 2016 without any specific day of the week the episodes were released. On Part 2, it was first released on November 10, 2016. and completed on February 15, 2018 with episodes released on Thursdays. On May 2,2018, both parts are pay to read. On February 27, 2022, Part 1 was released on the official English Webtoon but Part 2 is currently not release in official English.

  • From June 29, 2017, the first part was serialized in the official traditional Chinese Webtoon and from September 9, 2017, the second part was serialized.
  • From January 30, 2021, the translation serialization of Simplified Chinese started on Dongman Manga , an overseas service of Naver Webtoon.

Reading Order[]

There is no particular Webtoon that you would need to read to understand IslandPart 1. However, for Island Part 2, since Suki Kang appears throughout the story, it may be worth reading Terror Man or Neolithic Girl to know some of her back story, however, it is not necessary. On the other hand, it is highly suggested to read Distant Sky first as there are important things that happen in Part 2.

For recommended reading order of the Webtoons click here.

Relevant Plot Prior to this Webtoon (SPOILER AHEAD)
Before the events of Island, Suki Kang, from Neolithic Girl, is sent by Jungwoo Min (from Terror Man) and Muse (from Terror Man) to go to Jeju Island to investigate the recent murders that were on the news. Suki Kang is an immortal of 10,000 years old. The reason she dresses as a school girl is because she enjoys the feeling of classmates. Other events in Neolithic Girl don’t seem to overlap or affect the events on Island. Overarching in all the Webtoons is the secret cult White that in Distant Sky contributed to the end of the world. They also have branches in Jeju Island.

Where to Read[]

Part 1 has been released on Webtoon and completed, however, Part 2 has not been released in English, thus there is no official translation, but there are teams that are scanlating it:

Part 1[]

Official Links

Unofficial Links
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  • Korean:
  • English (complete):

Part 2[]

Official Links

Unofficial Links
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The Island consists of two seasons, often called "Part" instead of "Season". Part 1 is actually a reboot of the original Island manga, basically, the same story, but transferred into a Webtoon format.

Part 2 is loosely based on the sequel novel, but changed to be full-color and more closely connected to the Super String Universe, with Suki Kang making various appearances. However, there are two versions, where one is full color while the other is semi-full color but mostly in black and white.

Part 1 Arcs:

  • Ep.1-2: Welcome to Jeju
  • Ep.3-9: Benjulle Episode
  • Ep.10-13: Fox Demons Episode
  • Ep.14-23: Ingtae Episode
  • Ep.24-28: Van & Johan's Showdown
  • Ep.29-71: Shinjuku Skulls Episode
    • Ep.29-32: The Arrival
    • Ep.33-37: Doyota Investigation
    • Ep.38-47: Gypsy Card Mystery
    • Ep.48-55: The Skull's Past
    • Ep.56-71: A Revengeful Truth

Part 2 Arcs:

  • Ep.1-4: Welcome Back to Jeju Island
  • Ep.5-7: Serial Killer Investigation
  • Ep.7-10: Johan's Holy Past
  • Ep.11-19: Meddling of a Monk
  • Ep.20-25: Saetuni Episode
  • Ep.26-29: The Hidden Camera
  • Ep.30-37: Dragon Rock Incident
  • Ep.38-49: Donaeko & Gwisusan
  • Ep.50-63: Kali's Summoning
  • Ep.64-67: Defeat of God


Part 1 Main Characters

Part 2 Main Characters

  • Miho Won - the main protagonist in the story. She is sent to Jeju Island by her father and is targeted by lust demons for which she makes an agreement with Van to hunt those demons down in exchange for money.
  • Van - he is a trained killer who is able to use chants to create all sorts of attacks and summons. He hunts down the demons in Jeju Island.
  • Johan
  • Gungtan

Organizations and Groups[]

Season 1

  • Tamra High School -
  • Japan Self-Defense Force[6]
  • Korean Police
  • Interpol
  • Yakuza - the Japanese mafia[7] that Miho Won contracts to help drug Johan at Narita Airport, Japan, and get him to Jeju Island.[8]
  • Unit 731 - An unit of the Japanese government back in World War 2 that conducted various human experiments for the sake of biochemical weapons. They Shinjuku Skulls are a evidence of them using Korean prisoners of war to conduct their experiments as the skulls have holes drill into them and coated in formaldehyde.[9]
  • Doyoda Corporation - the corporation that visit Jeju Island to discuss potential business the Daehan Group. Taehan asks his daughter, Miho Won to help receive the guests and to do the business presentation.[10]
  • Mainichi Shimbun (Japan Daily News) - one of the major newspapers in Japan.[11] Sujin looks through their website to find an article back in the 1980s to find information on the Shinjuku Skulls.[12]
  • X-Japan Band - a famous rock band in Japan back in the 1980s with five members.[13] Sujin apparently had bought one of their albums for Miho.[14]
  • Tokyo School of Arts - school where Miho Won was sent to study for two years where she learned Japanese and got into Japanese art.[15]
  • Daehan Group
  • Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare[16]
  • Japanese Police Riot Police [17]
  • World Publishing - A book publisher. The telephone number is (02) 765-3348 and the H.P is (019) 308-2308.[18] However, the numbers don't work.
  • Sightseeing Group D from Osaka - a tour group from Osaka that was killed by the Shinjuku Skull when visiting Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Jeju Island.[19]
  • Wonder Gameland -

Season 2

  • Tamra High School -
  • Vatican
  • Ksitigarbha Sect
  • Daehan Group
  • Ahyeong B&B - a bed and breakfest placed own by the Ahyeong Family.
  • International Association of Exorcists (AIE) - a Roman Catholic organization which was founded in 1990 by six priests. Its statutes were approved by the Catholic Church on June 13, 2014.
  • Tamra Elementary School - A school that Gyobin Lee used to attend.
  • Jeju Central Middle School - A school that Gyobin Lee used to attend.
  • Da Cheng Qian Inc - a Chinese company that bought out the location where Choe Seran use to live and is planning to make it into some sort of resort.[20]
  • JBC News - the newstation reporting the situation in Jeju Island.[21]
  • West Jeju Police[22]
  • Volcanic Eruption Prevention Organization - the unofficial group formed in response to the Korean government's apparent apathy about Jeju Island's imminent volcanic erruption.[23]
  • Haeryongsa Temple (해룡사) - this temple was mentioned as the temple that Eulgyeong (을경) is part of.[24]
  • Preparation for Volcanic Eruption Committee (화산폭발대비)[25]
  • Han Finance - Miho gets a message from Manager Kim of this finance of a zero fee loan.[26]
  • Fedex - Miho receives birthday gifts (mainly flowers) through Fedex.[27]
  • DHL - Miho receives birthday gifts (mainly flowers) through DHL.[28]
  • DHN Express - Gyobin used this box for the camera.[29]
  • LAN - the brand of the car that Miho drives. It is unclear if it is just a brand or a car company as well.[30]


  • In Part 1, events happen mainly in Jeju Island with some locations being in Manhattan and Japan. Seoul was briefly mentioned in the beginning.
  • In Part 2, locations are largely the same as Part 1 (mainly in Jeju Island, with some scenes in Manhattan) with the inclusion of the Vatican who send Seraphina to Jeju Island. There is also a brief mention of Japan and Canada (mainly Magnetic Hills in New Brunswick[31])


In both Part 1 and Part 2, there is a lot allusion to various religions and mythology. In terms of religion, there is a combination of:

  • Catholicism - Johan is part of the Catholic faith and uses Bible verses to summon supernatural powers.
  • Esoteric Buddhism
  • Hinduism - in Part 2, the main demon that Gungtan summons is Kali from Hindu cosmology and Shiva, whom Van summons to fight Kali, is Kali's wife according to Hindu religion.
  • Shamanism -


  • Tale of Satanee (Jeju Island) - It is a folklore in Jeju Island that tells of a salt merchant who travelled around the country selling salt. During that time, his wife cheated on him and ran away with another man, leaving their infant child starving to death. Upon returning and seeing his dried up, the salt merchant put the body into a salt bin and carried the child as he wandered around the country. A few years later, when the salt merchant came across his wife, he unpacked his belonging and showed her the body of the child. It is said that the child crawled slowly toward her mother and when her mother saw the child, she died on the spot.[32] This story is the basis on of the events in Island Season 2, when Miho and Johan help a young women who was being possessed.

Demons and Spirits[]

The demons in Island play a major part, both in Part 1 and Part 2, with Part 2 having a greater range of demons. Below is a list:

Demons & Spirits in Island Season 1
Lust Demon
Lust Demon (Part 1) Infobox
Benjulle Infobox
Fox Demon
Fox Demon Infobox
Ingtae Byeong
Ingtae Byeong Infobox
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Infobox
Flaming Peacock
Flaming Peacock Infobox
Lust Demons
The most common demon on Jeju Island. Also known as "Firelust demon." They are one of the few intelligent demons whom masquerade as human to elicit sexual favor to people in order to eat them. They may seem like normal people but they will change into their true monster forms to devour. They can leave curses.
Fox Demon
There are two fox demon brothers who kill Sujin's (Miho's friend) fiance. Van rescues Sujin and Miho, killing both brothers. Fox demons are able to paralyze their victims and steal their faces.
Ingtae Byeong
Dark Lord
The demon that Johan cast out in New York in Island Part 1. He easily defeats him.[33]
Van is able to summon a flaming peacock when cornered by the swarm of lust demons to burst out the hotel and fly away. These are powers borrowed from the Peacock King, Mahamayuri, who is one of the five great kings of Buddishm and has the unique ability to fly.[34]
Wraith the Reaper
Wraith the Reaper Infobox
Cannibal Demons
Cannibal Demons Infobox
Mountain Spirits
Mountain Spirits Infobox
Vajrakilaya Infobox
Wraith the Reaper
Kyoichi's summon using black magic. Essentially a giant flying reaper that fought against Johan on the rooftops.
Cannibal Demons
Summoned by Aikawa. They are essentially demon maggots that can talk. They consume rotting flesh and infected areas, effectively healing the body much earlier due to the demon's magic.
Mountain Spirits
Aikawa summons mountain spirits in an attempt to tie down Van.[35]
Van summons Vajrakilaya briefly to crush Arase Aikawa. Leaving a Swastika engraved onto the ground afterwards.
Demons & Spirits in Island Season 2
Lust Demon
Lust Demons (Part 2) Infobox
Water Demon
Water Demon Infobox
Santanic Demon 1
Santanic Demon 1 Infobox
Satanic Demon 2
Satanic Demon 2 Infobox
Satanic Demon 3
Satanic Demon 3 Infobox
Saetani Infobox
Lust Demons
The most common demon on Jeju Island. Also known as "Firelust demon." They are one of the few intelligent demons whom masquerade as human to elicit sexual favor to people in order to eat them. They may seem like normal people but they will change into their true monster forms to devour. They can leave curses. In Part 2, they seem to not have their monster forms or that they don't choose to as they show their form partially while as humans
Water Demons
Demons that are created by killing humans by the water demons. Many were Gungtan's familiars. It is said that these demons don't have any negative emotions. One of them were Gu Anyeong's older sister that was killed by one. All water demons were killed by Van.
Satanic Demon
The main demon that was tempting Rotevick. It berated Johan's origin of birth and is almost killed by him. It escapes before vowing it will come again.
Satanic Demons
Two minor demons that was tempting Rotevick.They were killed by Johan.
Satanic Demon
A random demon that possessed a patient to kill Johan but fled due to Johan's holy power seeping out. Was swallowed up by Seraphina's doll.
A korean baby zombie that is not a demon. When a corpse becomes mumifed by salt instead of rotting. Since it is a type of mummy, it has no spiritual powers. Seran Choi's baby is one of those who becomes a Saetani when she killed him by accident and threw it to sea. It returned to seek her mother and at the same time protect her from the evil spirit that had targetted her by keeping her alert in order to not be possessed.[36]
Earthbound Spirit
Earthbound Spirit Infobox
Jangsan Tiger
Jangsan Tiger Infobox
Inmyeonjo Infobox
Immogi Infobox
Gwisusan Infobox
Smoke Demons
Smoke Demons Infobox
Earthbound Spirit
An earthbound demon that took form when a tree wascut down in Seran's neighborhood during demolition (in the form of cockroaches). The tree was not given a proper ceremony of solace and is abandoned, thus the spirit of the tree targetted Seran nearby as a form of venting its anger, attempting various times to possess her, but often thrawted by the cry of Seran's baby who had become a Saetani (mummy). The demon was destroyed by Johan.[37]
Jangsan Tiger
Jangsanbeom or Jangsan Tiger is a tiger demon from Jangsan Mountain at Haeundae, Busan. It uses its voice to lure in humans to eat. It hasn't been seen over hundred years. One was brough to Jeju Island by Gungtan and implanted a regeneration talisman. It fought againt Johan and is killed. It seems it can transform into a human.
A demon with the face of a human and body of a bird if it is a greater one but the body of a serpent or other animals if a lesser one. They are messengers who ferry souls from the mortal realm to the god realm. The ones at Jeju Island began to crave human blood and thus was sealed in the dragon head rock. One disguised itself as a human tosuck blood from humans and Miho. Appears to had made contact with Gungtan as there is a regen talisman on its tongue. Used water torrents to attack. Was constantly killed by Van but Miho ended its life by destroying the talisman.
Though never mentioned by name, the figure of the monster resembles the sea serpent "Immogi" It ambush at Yongduam Rock and uses water to disguise itself. As it attack, the water becomes boiling and it seems to able to clone itself to escape.
a humongous turtle-shaped monster from the East Sea, mentioned in the Samguk Yusa. Supposedly, the demon had already been destroyed. It is assumed it was revived by Gungtan via regen talisman and stays in Donnaeko Valley. It can attack via fireballs but its main ability is to release black smoke demon which covers the tourists and possesses them. Assumed to had been killed by Van while destroying its talisman.
Smoke Demon
Some sort of black smoke demon that comes from Gwisusan. It possess people and controls them to cause havoc. It can secretly possess people even if the target was not intially cover by the smoke. The possessed appears to be fine but on the outside, people see them as monsters. The demons are not strong as Johan easily force them to unpossessed their targets.
Gungtan's Familiar
Gungtan's Familiar Infobox
Surveillance Demon
Surveillance Demon
Mosquito Demon
Mosquito Demon Infobox
Leaf Demon
Leaf Demon
Bug Demon
Bug Demon
Corpse-Eating Bird Demon
Corpse-Eating Bird Demon
Gungtan's Familiars
Flying goblin-like demons under Gungtan's command that can self-destruct. [40]
Gungtan's Summon
A small bat-like demon that helps Gungtan do surveillance.
Gungtan's Summon
A mosquito-like demon that when stinging a person, causes their aggression to increase.
Gungtan's Summon
Summoned to gather in order to create Kali's body.
Gungtan's Summon
Summoned to gather in order to create Kali's body.
Gungtan's Summon
A corpse-eating bird demon that goes around eating human corpses.
Abyss Creature
Abyss Creature Infobox
Kali Infobox
Shiva Infobox
Unnamed Abyss Creature
Summon by the mysterious man with white hair. Destroys Miho's plane and is about reek havoc but Van attempts to fight it. Unknown of this creature 's status.

Super String Universe[]



Part 1
The timing of the events of Island Part 1 is unclear but in Part 2, it was said that it was a few months ago when Miho Won first arrived at Jeju Island. Meaning Part 1 has to be less than a year between part 2.

Part 2
Events of Island Part 2 clearly occur after Neolithic Girl and Terror Man Season 2 as Suki was sent to Jeju Island at the end of Neolithic Girl but before the events of MNSBTYD as by then Hojin Won is old in age. According to Terror vs Revival, the events occured 12 years before Terror vs Revival.[42]


Part 1

  • There is no crossovers for this webtoon.

Part 2

  • In Ep.14, Suki Kang appears in Jeju Island carrying a Sniper Rifle. She makes various appearances later on.
  • In Ep.46, Gyobin Lee says he will sink Jeju Island into the abyss. A small reference to Distant Sky and the abyss.
  • In Ep.50, the Disaster Preparation Committee (DPC) is mentioned partnering together with the Japanese experts to research on the Halla volcano erupting. However, the conclusion was that the volcano was not active (as it was an illusion all along).
  • In Ep.63, Upon Gungtan's failure, the leader of the sect extends his hand and letters "白" (from the White cult) appear in his palm and Gungtan is disintegrated. This officially links the sect with White.
  • In Ep.66, the spaceship that falls from the hole in the sky has "HOPE" written on it, a reference to the spaceship in Distant Sky.
  • In Ep.66, after an initial conversation, the White-Haired passenger next to Miho begins to speak cryptically and all the sudden displays the letter "白" (from the White cult) in the back of his hand, opening a dimension portal to summon a demon.
  • In Ep.67, Heyool Shin appears from the future and saves Johan from an incoming truck.
  • In Ep.67, after the plane crashes, Suki approaches Van holding a white flame, explaining that it symbolizes the power of "White". He also mentions how the demon is from a different dimension.
Appearance in other Webtoons

Miho Won makes appearances in various Webtoons:

The Daehan Group, which Miho is the heir to, appears or is mentioned in various Webtoons:

Other characters that make appearances in other Webtoons:

  • Butler Jang – he appears in Marco Polo’s Travel to the Multiverse (or it could be his son).
  • Van – he appears in Terror vs Revival.
  • Shiva – he appears in Terror vs Revival, once again summoned by Van.
  • Kali (mentioned) – she is mentioned by Atrahasis in Terror vs Revival.
  • Taehan Won - appears in a few flashbacks in The Queens (Webtoon)

Related events that are mentioned in other Webtoons:

  • Spaceship from Future - the spaceship that arrived from the future carrying Heyool is mentioned in Terror vs Revival as Miho explains about the events in Jeju Island.
  • Halla Volcano Eruptions – the volcano actually erupts during the events of Distant Sky. This time it is not an illusion as with Kali.

Superstring Inconsistency[]

The original of Island Part 1 (aka Another Homeland) was published before Super String was conceived. Thus, many of the dates involved completely disregard the other Webtoons and their implications on the timeline as a whole (despite it being remastered as a Webtoon, most of the dates remained unchanged. The events of occurred in 1995, throwing off the entire timeline). For that, events' dates of Island Part 1 are readjusted to fit the Super String timeline based on the logical sequence of events for consistency sake.

  • EX 1: In Ep. 53, Unit 731 happened 50 years ago which means that it is 1995 in Part 1. However this is clearly a contradiction to every Superstring webtoon such as: Terror Man, Terror Vs, Revival, Distant Sky, etc. That said, this webtoon was made before Superstring, than this will be readjusted.
  • EX 2: There are minor incidents where it is clearly takes place in 1995. Although some are not concrete, such as using a payphone (Ep.11) but there are much direct evidence such as talking about the internt like it was a new thing (Ep.46). Due to it being direct, these events must be ignored for it to make sense within the timeline.

Differences between "Part 1" & the Original Manga "Another Homeland"[]

Though in general, the webtoon "Island Part 1" is a remastered version of the original version Another Homeland into a webtoon format. The story in general doesn't change, but there are some minor (sometime random) changes in an attempt to integrate it into the Super String Universe. Due to the English webtoon being daily pass, we won't be able to know 100% of all changes:

  • Because it is a Webtoon, there are no footnotes like there were in the original, thus unfortunately many terms and small details are not explained.
  • The original look has the typical black and white colors but the webtoon has a sort of greyish dark blue tint to the whites.
  • Chapter illustrations are omitted & cropped panels occured. Likely to fit with webtoon orientation. Such as Van's fight against the lust demon.
  • The prologue contains some redo of illustrations of the Manga with the current art style of the illustrator.
  • In ep. 1, there was a conversation with Miho if she ever went to Jeju which she had. In the original, it was similar but she had never went to Jeju and compared it to Hawaii.
  • In ep 3, Suryeon's father was angered that she was raped but in the original, heblame her for being raped.
  • Van originally asked for $10,000 (13,462,800won) for each kill but the webtoon, he asked for 100 million won ($74,286.20).
  • In ep. 5, Miho and everyone were vaping but in the original, they were smoking.
  • In the original of ep 14, Johan was fighting Beelzebub and mentions Linda Blair. The priests that arrived were named.
  • In the original of ep 18, Nurse Kim had her clothes removed when she was sexually aroused by the head doctor.
  • In Ep. 33, the mentioned of Chunghee Park, a controversial South Korean president, was removed.
  • In Ep.37, the use of "Chosenjin" a slur against Koreans was removed.
  • In the original, the Shinjuku Skulls were in the musuem 10 years later.
  • In the ending, there is no preview or allusion to the novel as the novel did not become canon, but rather, the novel was used partially for Island Part 2.

Plot Overview[]

Part 1[]

Shinjuku Skulls Episode[]


Kyoichi summons Wraith the Reaper and attacks Johan without mercy. Johan manages to jump off onto a crane hanging off the rooftop. At the same time, Sujin is over at Miho's place looking for information on the skulls on the internet. Sujin looks on the Mainichi Shimbun (Japan Daily News) homepage for an article on the skulls to which Miho mocks her saying how could such news be reported. Sujin recalls it was at the time of the debut of X-Japan (a band), which Miho points out was around 1989. Thus, Sujin was able to track the date and find the article that she had read back then.[43]

Kyoichi destroys the water tower, unleashing a wave of water to flush Johan down. Johan remembers a passage from Exodus 15 in the Bible which is a song sung by Moses describing the splitting of the Red Sea. As Johan recites parts of the, the rushing water splits and reroutes backwards towards Kyoichi. Kyoichi is washed away but luckily his wristband gets caught in the rails, saving his life. As Johan pulls him, he realizes that Kyoichi is in fact a girl from the wet shirt.[44]

As Van is about to leave, Miho calls out to him, asking for his help for any amount of money. Van refuses, saying it would be too easy to kill Kojima. At his words, Kojima is provoked and fires a shot at him, which does not affect him at all. At the same time, Sujin, using her ex-boyfriend, gains access to investigate the documents in the Forensic Medicine Reference Office. Sujin is able to dig out information on Unit 731. They are able to find records and photos showing that the dig sit of the skulls was underneath the Army Medical College from 50 years back. There is also a testimony about prisoners of war that were dressed as Japanese soldiers brought into the academy. However, from their appearance and way of speaking, the witness identified them as Korean. Since the court cases afterwards did not have this testimony nor the evidence, it was all left as a rumor. Sujin leaves the office as she realizes Miho is in danger. However, as she leaves, her ex-boyfriend removes the necklace biding in the powers of the skull, unleashing it into the room.[45]

Part 2[]

Dragon Rock Incident[]

Van waits by the shore as the rock splits and a dragon appears from within. Miho realizes that it is no natural occurrence and begins to tell people to run. Suddenly torrents of water burst out from the ground and the water burn people's skin. It is then that Miho realizes that these are not accidents but rather demon attacks disguised as accidents. Van begins slicing the dragon and as he casts a spell he realizes it is just a duplicate, the main body if the demon is elsewhere.[46]

A girl grabs on to Miho for help and she realizes she needs to find a way to save more people so she runs off telling the girl she will come back. Miho finds a tour bus and trades her car (an imported car with the logo LAN) with the driver. She drives it to the scene and picks everyone up. As they drive away from the torrents suddenly Van appears in front of the bus and Miho forced to step on the breaks. Miho calls out to Van in anger but Van asks her who she has picked up and so Miho looks back and realizes a demon has sucked the blood of all the passengers. It is the Inmeojyo (a demon with the face of a human and body of a bird who at higher levels has the body of a bird but at lower levels it would be the body of a serpent or other animals. Furthermore, they are know as messengers who ferry souls from the mortal realm to the god realm).[47]

Johan drives his scooter to look for Miho as she was not picking up her phone. However he is stuck in the roadblock as there are firetrucks trying to resolve the crisis of the torrents. In the meantime, the Inmyeonjo charges at Miho and begins sucking her blood but Miho refuses to give up and grabs the bus keys and stabs the demon and kicks her in the stomach. However, the demon stands back up and charges at her, suddenly her head is cut off as Van slices the bus in half. Van tells Miho that the Inmyeonjo was a messenger who ferries the souls, but began to crave human blood and thus was sealed in the dragon head rock. Van gets Miho out of the way and casts a spell to set an explosion on the demon. Van tells Miho to get her act together, the two get into an argument and Miho vents out her frustration on Van, but apologizes and thanks him for saving her. Just then, the Inmyeonjo stabs Van right through the chest. Unphased, Van casts another spell to control his vajra and cut the Inmyeonjo jnto pieces.[48]

The Inmyeonjo regenerates and the two start battling again with the Inmyeonjo summoning torrents of water. In the midst of the chaos, Miho sees Van getting stabbed again and dropping his vajra. Miho thinks about escaping but ends up taking the vajra and stabbing the demon. The demon throws Van at her and just as she is about to devour Miho, Van punches it and summons his vajra, stabbing his palm and using the blood to enlogate the vajra into a sword. The demon attacks again, but just approaching the sword causes her to get torn apart. In the meantime, the ground of the place where Johan is located begins to breaks as the torrents bursting forth. Johan uses his powers to create a shield to protect the people there from the debris.[49]

Johan continues to use his powers to protect the people from the torrents, but prolonged use of his powers begins to wear on his body and his nose begins to bleed. In the meanwhile, Van continues to slashes the Inmyeonjo over and over and Miho notices the talisman on her tongue and tells Van to destroy it. However, Van just kicks the head of the demon instead. Van continues to slice the demon but intentionally avoids the talisman to keep it alive and letting it regenerate. The demon begs Van to finish her off, but Van continues to have his fun. Miho gets annoyed and grabs and rips the talisman. Van is somewhat upset, but Miho points out to Van that is already bleeding too much. As Van walks away, Miho asks him who are the people responsible but Van just says that this kind of high level magic required a some sort of sacrifice and that soon the whole of Jeju will be used as a sacrifice to summon "her".[50]

Donaeko & Gwisusan[]

Johan sighs in relief as the torrents of water finally stop. Johan sees Miho in a distance and rushes towards her asking about her wound in her shoulder. Miho tells him she’s fine and they return home. She locks herself in her room and begins drinking as she feels defeated. Johan walks in and looks at her phone as there is a message and asks if it is Gyobin again. Miho throws a bottle of alcohol at him, which he catches. Johan tries to talk some sense into her and tells her they have to solve the riddle and stop the situation as Van had mentioned how the whole of Jeju Island would be used as a sacrifice. Johan tells Miho that he’ll ask help from the Vatican as well. However, Miho just tells him it is pointless, turns on the TV and shows him how in the end, people only end up dying. The news reports the incident as a natural disaster of boiling hot springs, killing 234 people. Johan decides to give Miho some alone time, but shows her a postcard from teacher Yunhee Chae.

She had gone to the feet of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal to teach. She tells Miho that she is doing well and that in the Himalayan Mountains, she feels like she found where she belongs and that all the suffering she had gone through seems to have been guiding her to this place. Yunhee tells Miho that she has begun to teach and that perhaps in the past, she didn’t really understand teaching, thinking that she had to give all the answers, but now, maybe the answers are within the students themselves. Yunhee tells Miho that now she feels like she’s learning to be a real teacher and that despite her lack in teaching, she is very happy and thanks Miho.[51]

Johan tries to solve the riddle, but is having trouble. The riddle is a link to a site with 4 paintings and a row of numbers from 0-9. To solve the riddle, you have to add up and click the correct number. Johan can’t figure it out and just randomly presses a number, which turns out to be incorrect. There is a message that pops out saying that he only has one more chance. Miho suddenly shows up. She ponders back on what teacher Yunhee had mentioned in her postcard about lacking as a teacher, and mutters to herself that Yunhee was not lacking at all, but rather is her, Miho, that is lacking. That is when Miho realizes that the answer to the riddle is “lack” or “missing”. Each of the characters in the paintings lacks something, Mona Lisa missing eyebrows, Van Gogh missing a ear, Adam missing a rib, and Samson missing 2 eyes. Thus, the answer, when added together, is six. Miho is correct and an image reveals the next location: Donaeko.[52]

Miho and Johan drive to Donaeko. Upon arrival, the two split and Miho runs to the guest center, telling the security guard that a disaster is impending. Obviously, the security guard is not convinced, but Miho has no time to explain and grabs the broadcast system to broadcast to the tourists. As the security guard tries to stop her, Van appears and the security guard, thinking that he is Miho’s boyfriend, tells him to control his girlfriend. Van grabs Miho by the arm and takes her out and then throws her to the ground, telling her that “it” has arrived. Miho is confused and wonders what to do but Van gives her a look as if wanting her to follow him. She does so, but as they climb for a while, Miho gets tired. Suddenly, Johan shows up and Miho asks if he found the demon. However, Johan tells her that not yet and is suddenly cut off by Van who sets the forest on fire. Miho is shocked, but Van answers Miho that “isn’t this what you were aiming for?” Because of the fire, the campers and tourists disperse. The earth suddenly begins to shake and Johan explains to Miho that he had finished his sentence earlier. The reason why he did not find the demon was because the whole place reeked of his scent. [53]

Suddenly a turtle-shaped monster appears and releases black smoke which covers the tourists and possesses them. They begin to run as the possessed tourists attack randomly. Johan takes Miho into safety and explains that the monster is Gwisusan, a monster from the East Sea, mentioned in the Samguk Yusa.[54] Supposedly, the demon had already been destroyed. Suddenly, Gwisusan begins to throw trees at Johan and Miho. They dodge the trees, but Gwisusan fires a fireball at them which they cannot dodge. Van shows up and kicks Johan, pushing them out of the way and then slicing the fireball. As the two get up from the ground, Johan grabs Miho to hide behind a tree as he notices the smoke monsters. Miho then sees a child that is stranded and about to be attacked by the monsters. Miho tells Johan to go ahead and take care of the smoke monsters while she goes and rescues the boy. Johan removes his earring and releases his spiritual powers to attract the smoke monsters. Miho rushes over to the child and uses her taser gun to take down one of the smoke monsters attacking the kid. She reaches her hand out to help the kid, but he refuses as unbeknownst to Miho, she was already being possessed by the smoke. [55]

Miho reaches her hand out to help the little boy, not knowing she is being consumed by the ghost. The boy runs in fear and Miho chases after him, telling him it is dangerous. Miho grabs the boy’s arm tightly and tells him that if he doesn’t listen she’ll kill him. At this point, Miho had already been mostly consumed and controlled by the ghost. Miho comes back to her senses and is confused why she is choking the little boy and cannot control her body. She barely is able to gain control of her body and uses the taser on herself. [56]

Suddenly, Miho is in a dream, back in the school at the moment that Gyobin put the note in front of her office. She goes to pick up the note, thinking if back then she had read it, maybe things would’ve turned out differently. However, as she opens it, it turns out to be a talisman. Suddenly, she is transported to Wonang Falls. She sees Gyobin who calls out for help as Kali’s arms drag him in. Kali speaks to Miho saying that it seems that she has noticed her. [57]

Miho wakes up and Johan is next to her. He apologizes, saying that he should’ve foreseen the possibility of her being possessed. She asks if everyone is ok and Johan says yes, that he used his powers to cast out all the evil spirits, saying it wasn’t a particular strong spirit. The real problem is Gwisusan. Van jumps in the air, casts a spell and stabs his vajra on the beast and slices it, destroying it. However, as it has a talisman, it can regenerate. Johan tells Miho he has to go help Van. Johan shows up and kicks Van out of the way of an attack to save him, blocking a tree attack. However, Van doesn’t seem very happy. Van returns the favor by punching Johan so doesn’t get hit by Gwisusan’s attack. Van casts a spell and sets the tree on fire. They notice Miho and Van wonders where she is going. Miho appears at the waterfall in her vision and sees the talisman. However, suddenly Kali’s arms appear from the water to grab her. [58]

Johan rushes to the waterfall but doesn’t see anyone. It seems Kali had pulled Miho underwater and out of the talisman, monsters appear to take over Miho. In the meanwhile, Van continues to destroy Gwisusan. Van castes a spell to send a thunderstorm tornado on top of the demon destroying it. However, it keeps regenerating but Van detects a faith sign of Kali and heads towards it. Johan notices the destruction Van is causing and is a bit worried as he needs to find Miho before Van destroys everything. It is then that he notices that there is a faint presence near the waterfall that is different than that of the turtle. He sees the water boiling and Miho comes out of the water. Johan asks how she appeared there but Miho cannot remember. All she can remember is trying to reach the talisman. She tells Johan it was by the waterfall, but it is no longer there. She then remembers seeing it when she was pulled underwater, but notices that the water by the waterfall is only knee-deep high. As Miho is confused, Van suddenly shows up. Johan tries to explain what Miho just said about the talisman, but notices Van’s killing intent. Johan puts his hands on Van, but is rebounded by Van’s power, which pushes him a long distance away. Van looks at Miho and asks if she saw Kali, however, Miho is just confused. He then stabs Miho. [59]

As Johan wakes up form the impact, he sees Van stabbing Miho. But it turns out, he was only stabbing the talisman within Miho. Upon slicing the talisman, creatures come out of it. Johan shows up to grab Miho and explains that somehow the talisman got into Miho. Suddenly Kali appears and Van attacks her, but she teleports behind him. Miho asks Johan who she is and he tells Miho that the demon is called Kali, and explains that she is the same as the “great harlot”, “Babylon”, “Mother of Abominations” in the book of Revelations from the Bible. As Van begins to tear down the mountain, Johan overuses his powers to protect Miho and eventually ends up hospitalized. [60]

In the hospital, Miho sits by Johan, reading the Revelation 17:5: “The name written on her forehead was a mystery: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth.” Butler Jang walks in and asks how Johan is doing. Miho tells him that he’s been asleep for two days. Butler Jang assures her that he will be fine as doctors did not find any severe injuries. Suddenly Miho receives a message on the phone and she rushes to see it, only to find that it is a sales message to promote a loan. Butler Jang can see that she is agitated and suggest perhaps to go to Gyobin’s place to ask him, but Miho knows it’s pointless as Gyobin is dead. Butler Jang then asks Miho what kind of person Gyobin is, and only then Miho realizes that she has absolutely no clue. All she knows is that he was bullied and ended up committing suicide. She decides that she at least has to find out why he was bullied to the point of suicide. After Miho leaves with Butler Jang, a random hospital patient appears in Johan’s room to stab him. [61]

The pope is being debriefed on the recent incidents in Jeju Island at the Vatican. The priest tells the pope that that Johan believes these are all spiritual occurrences. He also shows the pope the broken staff of Johan. The pope explains that spiritual power that spiritual powers cannot be contained in the human body, thus require the sacred relics, else the power will be too much for the body to handle. The pope arranges for another sacred relic to be delivered to Johan and sends Seraphina to deliver it.[62]

Seraphina arrives near the hospital and sees the light emanating from Johan's powers. The power leaking out of Johan’s body forces the demon out of the patient who was trying to stab him . The demon tries to attack again but is sucked in by Seraphina’s doll. Seraphina shows up and collects the doll and gives Johan the staff, which helps Johan wake up. Seraphina tells Johan that this is Moses' staff, the same staff used to part the Red Sea. She also tells him that it can amplify his powers. However, she does warn Johan that if he releases the staff's true powers he may risk his life. [63]

Miho and Butler Jang arrive at Gyobin's house but no one is answering. Butler Jang suggests they return as Johan has woken up. Miho ponders about her powerlessness and just as it seems like she is going to give up, she turns around and tells Butler Jang to find a locksmith. However, Butler Jang smiles and says he'll take care of it and picks the lock. They go to Gyobin’s room and look around. Miho finds a notebook with a USB in it. She plugs it in a nearby laptop and Gyobin shows up on the screen. [64]

Gyobin greets Miho and begins to tell her his story. He tells Miho that his parents were archeologists, always travelling, barely home. Eventually they sent him to live with his grandfather on Jeju Island and he began to attend the Tamra Elementary School. At first he was quite welcomed at school. However, one day, he wanted to invite everyone to his birthday party. When asked when his birthday was, he answered April 3rd. The faces of his classmates changed and they discussed among themselves that it was not a good day. However, Gyobin did not know and even asked them what that day was. His classmates were shocked that being the son of archeologists, he didn’t know of such an important event. It turns out that from April 4th of 1948 to Sept 21,1954 there was a huge massacre[65], 1/8 of the population were killed due to the suppressing of uprising against the new government. [66]

The students’ attitude towards Gyobin began to change since then. Upon going to Jeju Central Middle School, he began to get bullied. Though he kept transferring, the result was the same. Eventually he learned to keep his mouth shut and just accept it. It wasn't until one day in Tamra High, when he was being bullied by having his head in the toilet when suddenly the class representative, Jaewan Kim, stepped in and rescued him.[67]

One day, Jaewan Kim showed up to give Gyobin a gift for his birthday. Though Gyobin mentioned how his birthday was on a terrible day for Jeju Island (April 3rd), Jaewan told him to stop worrying so much about it as he wasn’t responsible for the incident. He told Gyobin that people bullied him not because of his birthday but because he looked weak and thus encouraged him to fight back. Gyobin was touched by his encouraging words. Jaewan then asked for his help as their club needed a small-sized camera, but it was too expensive. Gyobin agreed and sold all his old collection of books to buy the camera and brought it to the club, but just as he was about to walk in, he overheard the club members mocking him, saying that Gyobin was easy to trick. They would take the camera and pretend to have lost it. Just as they continued talking about how to install it, Jaewan went to open the door and ran into Gyobin who was just frozen there. The gang beat up Gyobin and stole his camera. Gyobin tried to go to the counseling center to tell Miho but was kicked out. He tried again to leave a note at Miho’s office but was found out by the club members and was beat up and left naked. Gyobin tells Miho that he wants to give her a chance to escape before he unleashes his anger upon Jeju Island, making it fall into a deep abyss. At that moment, Miho gets a message on her phone from Gyobin with the image of Hallasan, the volcano. [68]

Suddenly, Miho notices a bug crawl on her and suddenly, tons of bugs begin to flood the room. She grabs the USB and journal and runs out of the room. The bugs devour the house. The JBC News reports about how many are guessing that the previous 3 incidents are all alluding to the volcanic eruption. Experts explain how the road incident of cars moving was due to the magnetism of iron ore moving, which could be leading to the activation of the volcano. Likewise, in the other two incidents, there were also iron ore present. The people demand an investigation from the government. [69]

Miho turns off the TV as she talks with Johan and wonders why Gyobin left her the clues. If Gyobin wanted her to leave, why keep threatening her. Johan then guesses that maybe Gyobin wants Miho to stop him. They review the notes of the USB. According to the info there, Gyobin made a pact with Kali to unleash his anger on Jeju Island. Kali instigated the previous 3 incidents. However, Miho wonders why Gyobin did not leave any clues concerning the volcano. Johan tells her that maybe he just hasn’t sent it. Furthermore, he explains how Kali is a Hindu goddess, wife of Shiva and extremely cruel goddess. Johan mentions how she is the same as “Babylon”, “the Mother of Prostitutes”, in chapter 17, verse 5, of the Book of Revelation of the Bible. However, Miho wonders how Gyobin was able to make a contract with such a powerful goddess, which is exactly what Johan was wondering. Suddenly, Seraphina shows up from under the bed saying that there is someone behind this. She introduces herself to Miho, as someone part of the International Association of Exorcist (recognized in 2014). In her investigations, she came across the Kisitarghanba Sect. [70]

Back at the sect temple, the sect leader summons Gungtan, who addresses himself as monk no.88. The leader tells Gungtan that he has left too many traces and now there are people scooping around. He warns Gungtan that Van had already faced Kali before. Gungtan tells him not to worry and mentions how Kali feeds off blood and how the last incident will result in more deaths. This way, Kali will be able to be restored in her body and Van will not be a problem. The sect leader reminds Gungtan that they will eventually offer up Jeju Island to Kali so that they can protect humanity from a greater danger. Gungtan assures him again to not worry as he has a plan. As people started protesting, Gungtan sends his mosquito familiars to stir up anger and kill each other. Gungtan had explained to the sect master that this way, it wouldn’t implicate the sect as no one would know they were involved. [71]

While driving, Butler Jang reports to Miho, who is sitting in the back, that Johan should be getting out of the hospital soon, though the doctor recommended he stay for a few more days. Furthermore, he also updates Miho that he helped arrange for Seraphina to stay at a hotel. However, Miho is not paying any attention to Butler Jang as she is deep in thought about what Seraphina had told them about the Ksitigarbha sect, how they had been doing exorcisms on the island for a while until they ceased to exist due to an unknown fire. In a flashback, Seraphina had shown them pictures that the International Exorcism Association had in their records. Seraphina told them that Kali had been summoned in the past to Jeju Island yet before she was completed, the sect was somehow destroyed by someone. Thus, the reasonable conclusion is that the sect is also involved in this current situation as well. Miho suddenly asks Butler Jang if he knows about the sect, to which he lies that he does not. [72]

Suddenly, Butler Jang steps on the breaks as there is conflict between the protesters and the police. Both sides had been affected by Gungtan’s familiars so are abnormally aggressive and a fight ensues. The car shakes as people around them are throwing Molotov cocktails, exploding things. At that moment, Miho’s phone rings, and she sees Gyobin send her the final clue. [73]

The following day, the government tries to clean up the mess from the protest the day before and bodies are covered. Seraphina checks the bodies for clues and finds one of Gungtan’s familiars. Back at Miho’s place, Johan rushes in, worried about Miho. However, she is fine. Johan sees tons of files on the table and Miho tells them that this is what Gyobin left behind at school. She then shows Johan the clue that Gyobin left behind. It is a list of English words: Ceiling, Dodgers, Chicken, Lodge, Heart, Check Hacker, Ahead. Right below the list is a riddle that says “a mute bird sings and I am present.” Miho says she hasn’t figured out the clue yet, but in Gyobin’s USB, he would parallel his own circumstances to a mute bird. Gyobin told Miho in the USB video that he was like mute bird, with his mouth shut. Miho and Johan try to figure out the English words, thinking perhaps they are an anagram. [74]

Suddenly, Butler Jang bursts in the room to report to Miho that the Daehan Hotel has been set on fire. He tells Miho how the manager is heavily injured and is not able to report clearly. It seems the party leader of the current opposing political party criticized the recent protests. In anger, the protestors went to find the party to demand an apology. It just so happened that he was in the Daehan Hotel at the time, and in a moment of rage, the protestors set the hotel on fire. Fortunately, all the guests were out safe, but many employees did not make it. [75]

Meanwhile, in Hallasan, Van fights with Kali, the two slashing each other. In the distance, Suki watches. Van grabs Kali to cast a spell, but Kali also grabs Van’s head and causes it to burst in blood. [76]

Kali's Summoning[]

Kali proceeds to tear Van apart with her many arms, laughing in victory. Suki wonders if Kali is finally complete and suddenly Gungtan shows up and tells her that almost. He greets her and says now he knows who she is. Back at the volcano, Van has a dream where the Bhukkni appears and asks him if he is still sleeping and tells him to get up and play with her. However, Van realizes it’s a dream and that it is Kali who is extending her hand pretending to be the Bhikkuni, taunting Van. This angers Van and he uses and explosive spell, so large that Suki and Gungtan are taken back. Suki tells Gungtan that she is the Adjuster, to balance the world, so it will not go astray. Gungtan is confused, but Suki just leaves into the battlefield.[77]

The volcano seems to be emitting smoke and as more people tell the government about it, the Disaster Preparatory Committee immediately holds a press release saying that that after a joint investigation with Japan, there were no signs of volcanic activity. This angers protesters even more. At a joint funeral for Daehan employees, Miho and Butler Jang arrive to pay their respects. She tells Butler Jang to make restitutions to the family of the deceased without getting the Daehan Group involved, as it would cause more problems. She tells him to use her personal assets if necessary. Butler Jang tells Miho that the culprit is from the Volcano Prevention Committee. It appears they were the ones who instigated the protests. She tells Butler Jang to figure out where they are and Butler Jang tells Miho that he has already investigated and knows the location, but tells her that it is not safe for her to go alone.[78]

Miho decides to bring Johan and they climb up the volcano. She asks Johan if there is any progress on the riddle, but Johan says that the possibilities are endless. As Miho is lost in thought trying to solve the riddle, she suddenly bumps into Johan who tells her they have arrived. They are greeting from a group of armed upset people holding scythes, bats, and other weapons.[79]

Johan and Miho arrive at the mountain where they are met with a group of villagers who attack them believing they are police or government officials. A grandma attacks Johan with an axe, but Johan dodges. Miho tells them to stop and all the sudden they begin to notice what appears as snow, but it turns out to be ash. Miho finds it impossible to believe as there were no earthquakes to signal the eruption, yet there is already ash in the skies. The people start to panic. Johan tries to calm them but the villagers respond in anger saying it is all the government’s fault for ignoring their plea about the volcanic eruption. One of the villagers grabs Johan by the collar demanding that he solve the problem, but Miho tells him to stop or she’d shoot a taser gun on him. One of the other villagers approaches Miho in anger asking who she is to be so cocky. Miho shoots the taser gun on him, leaving him fallen to the ground. In the midst of all this chaos, Eulgyeong suddenly shows up and tells them all to stop.[80]

It turns out he is the representative of the Volcanic Eruption Response and Prevention Group. He explains to Miho that he used to be Eulgyeong of Haeryongsa Temple. He came to know about Miho being the heir to the Daehan Group as he attended the funeral of the deceased in the Daehan Hotel fire to burn incense. Miho demands that he dissolve the group immediately, telling him that the police does not yet know she came and that if government organizations were involved, it will just escalate into bloodier conflict. Miho tells Eulgyeong that in the worst case scenario, she would force them to dissolve. Eulgyeong explains that the people in the group were mostly gentle people. The person that Miho had hit with a taser gun was in fact a kind person who would always give charitably even when he himself was in difficult financial situation. However, one day, he began to become rather easily irritable and violent. Eulgyeong apologizes for the fire that happened in the Daehan Hotel, but says that that would not solve the root of the problem, which is the attitude of the government.

However, Miho disagrees and says the problem is the volcano, saying that as long as it doesn’t erupt, then the problem would be sovled. Miho then says she will prevent it from erupting, explaining how it is all a result of a curse. Johan then adds that it is the work of Kali, explaining how Kali is the goddess of blood and destruction, an evil entity that would cause disasters. However, Eulgyeong is in disbelief as he could not imagine someone trying to control that kind of evil. Miho tries to convince him saying that he should at least belief Johan, who is a priest and spiritual user recognized by the Vatican. All the sudden one the villagers interrupts their conversation, telling him that the police have arrived. Eulgyeong, feeling betrayed, tells the villager to get rid of Miho and Johan.[81]

Miho and Johan get locked in the room. Johan tells Miho not to worry and prepares to destroy the door. However, he realizes his spiritual powers are not coming out. Miho ten notices the stigmata appearing in the form of bleeding in Johan’s forehead. A sudden spiritual outburst is suddenly released from Johan’s rod destroying the whole room. In a flashback, Johan remembers his conversation with Seraphina whole told him about the staff, that it is called “rod”, which is similar to his previous staff that helped control Johan’s spiritual powers. It could also enhance his powers, but at the risk of his own life. Back in the present, Johan apologizes for going overboard with his powers. Miho tells him not to worry as now all the villagers are witness to his powers. Miho tells the villagers that she will stop the eruption. She also tells them she will handle the police. So with a phone call, she calls off the police. Miho is still unable to convince Eulgyeong to dissolve the group, but Eulgyeong agrees to give her one day to solve the problem and they would at the same time, agree not to do anything. Johan tells Miho he’ll stay behind just in case the police come again to prevent any violent conflicts. Johan tells her to go solve the puzzle, but Miho complains that sending her on her own is like suicide. However, Johan points out that she just has to go with Van.[82]

In the meantime, Suki is following Van as she was observing the battle between him and Kali. It seems Van had place esoteric power into his vajra and set Kali into a separate subspace. However, that would only buy some time as long as the hive was not destroyed, Kali would return, and return even stronger. Suki wonders what Van will do next, if he would return to become the blood-thirsty killer monk in order to defeat Kali. However, just as she is pondering, Van disappears, leaving a talisman behind as he teleports right behind Suki.[83]

In a flashback, the Ksitigarbha Sect’s temple is on fire with corpses of monks massacred by Van. Van walks into a room where the Bhikkuni is covered in talismans. Kali protrudes from her back and the Bhikkuni asks Van to promise her to be a good monk so she could die without regrets. Presumably, Van ended up killing her in order to stop Kali from emerging. Back to the present, Van had killed Suki. [84]

In the Jeju Airport, people are crowding in to get a flight to Seoul. Miho returns back to the mansion and Butler Jang asks where she had gone. Miho asks him if Van had shown up or if he had seen him lately. Butler Jang answering no to either question. Miho sits on the couch stressing out about how to find Van. Butler Jang turns to Miho and tells her he will go find Van. However, Butler Jang tells Miho to go back to Seoul as her dad, Taehan, had sent a private plane to pick her up. [85]

Johan is praying with his rosary as he notices the villagers walk out carrying weapons. Johan tells them that if they are breaking the agreement, then he will have to stop them. It seems the villagers were going to go to the airport to take over a plane. Furthermore, Eulgyeong tells Johan that they received news that the Daehan Group has a private plane in the airport waiting, saying it is Miho that broke the promise. However, Johan unleashes his spiritual powers to stop them.[86]

Miho boards all the Daehan employees, however, Miho refuses to board. Miho calls up Johan tell him she will be heading over and tells Johan to contact Seraphina to find refuge as she had not seen her since. However, it seems the signal is not good, so Miho doesn’t get a response. It is then that she realizes a clue for the puzzle. The phrase was "the mute bird sings, and I am near". Thus, the phrase would mean that even if the bird wanted to sing, no sound would come out. As she goes over the list of the words, she notices how those English words all have silent letters, i.e. the “d” in Dodgers, “e” in ceiling, “c” in chicken, etc. Suddenly, she looks up and Van shows up.[87]

Butler Jang walks into a spiritual barrier that Van created. Van tells him to leave, but Butler Jang comments how in this barrier, things are just as beautiful as when Bhikunni was alive. Van immediately reacts to stab him, but Butler Jang blocks his attack, grabbing on the to Vajra. Butler Jang pleads Van to help Miho so as to not let such tragedy happen again. Miho is in shock as to why Van is there at the airport and Van just responds asking her if she is trying to escape. Miho tells him no, and pleads him to come with her, as she’ll pay him as much as he wants. However, Van refuses, saying that he only came because he heard she might now where Kali is. Miho bluffs and tells him that she knows were Kali is. Van tells Miho that he had sent Kali into a subspace but that she probably already returned to her hive and questions how Miho could know where she is. Miho panics a bit and quickly looks at the clues, the English words. Taking the silent letters from the words “ceiling”, “dodgers”, “chicken”, “lodge”, “heart”, “check”, “hacker”, and “ahead”, you would get the word “edcdecca”. However, Miho realizes there is no such English word. She has no choice but to keep bluffing and tell Van to follow her. In the background, one of the Daehan employees tells Butler Jang they have to take Miho with them even if by force. However, Butler Jang tells them to order everyone to leave, that he will take care of Miho.[88]

Miho tries to figure out the clue, wondering if it is an acronym or some sort of symbol. She suddenly remembers how Gyobin always used codes as he didn’t trust the empty words of people. Suddenly Van complains how noisy it is and Miho notices the protesters outside are singing. Miho recognizes the song as “The Sleepless Southern Island” by An Chi-hwan that describes the painful memory of Jeju 4·3[89]. That is when she realizes that the clue is in fact related to music. Translating the music code to notes, it would essentially be Mi, Re, Do, Re, Mi, Do, Do, La. As Miho sings out those notes, she recognizes the melody is of a common a Korean children's song “The Round Sun Has Risen”[90]. This is an obvious clue as the most famous place to watch the sunrise in Jeju Island is Seongsan Ilchulbong, also known as Sunrise Peak. As predicted, Kali indeed returns to her nest and commands the lust demons to collect more sacrifices of blood.[91]

The lust demons begin hunting for humans and collect them as tributes for Kali while back in the mountain, Johan defeats all the villagers. Eulgyeong tells them to stop as the planes have probably already left. The villagers panic but Johan tries to calm them, telling them he will protect them. Eulgyeong calms them down as well and tells them to go to the airport, perhaps there are still planes left behind. However, as they notice a group of police. They apparently had been affected by Gungtan’s mosquitos and are visibly irritated. The villagers react in violence as they think Miho probably betrayed them to the police. The police begin to fire. Johan realizes that the police are being control and stands in front of the bullets. However, it seems he was knocked down. In the distance, Gungtan mutters to himself saying the time is finally here and tells one of his creatures to notify the Ksitigarbha Sect leader. On a tree, Seraphina’s doll catches a glimpse of Gungtan’s familiar. After arriving at Sunrise Peak, Miho keeps trying to call Johan at no avail. She follows Van into a cave where there are tons of leftover clothes and Van realizes that this is the correct location.[92]

Miho picks up the clothing stained in blood and Van explains that this is a tantric ritual. He further explains that in this ritual, the first step is that it takes the life of the casters as an offering to summon the soul of Kali. The second step, to use the dead to call out the power of Kali. The last step, to obtain live offerings to use their blood and flesh to create Kali’s body. Suddenly, the lust demons appear and Van realizes that they were being controlled by Kali, which explained why they had disappeared. Van tells her to pretend to be dead if they want to survive. One of the lust demons slashes Van and another grabs Miho by the hair and knocks her out. The lust demons drag the two into the nest. Miho notices a woman nearby calling for help and a lust demons grabs and rips off her arm and drags on the floor. Immediately, Miho remembers Van’s words to play dead and the lust demons passes by. Miho looks for Van amid all the dead bodies and skulls and comes across Kali who is feeding off the body of the woman just now. She then sees the demons drag Van up the mountain of skulls to Kali. Kali grabs Van’s head and rips it off and begins drinking his blood.[93]

Miho collapses in despair, but recovers her composure. Suddenly, Van’s head transforms into that of a lust demon and Van appears upside down on the roof of the cave and casts one of his spells, exploding the head, angering Kali. Kali charges at him but misses and orders the lust demons to attack him. Van easily cuts through them and castes spells to explode them. As they fight, Miho notices Gyobin in next to Kali who seems to be moutthing something. Miho tries to spell out the words and it seems Gyobin is telling to rip up something, which is the talisman that appears. Van and Kali both take notice and Kali immediately charges at Miho but Van cuts him apart. Miho charges at the talisman knowing she needs to tear it. She finally grabs onto the talisman, however, the volcano still erupts.[94]

Van rescues Miho just as she grabs on to the talisman and the nest collapses. In a flashback, Johan remembers back when the head of the orphanage was giving him over to a foster family. The head of the orphanage tells Johan to not worry as he would be having a true brother. She tells him to live on and one day meet his real mother. However, the foster parents got rid of Johan after taking his organs for their child and left him in the snow to die. Presummably, he was founnd by someone form the Manhattan Cathedral and there, he met Anna who gave him his name. Suddenly Johan wakes up from his rest. Eulgyeong is there to greet him, surprised that he is still alive. It seems that at the moment of impact, the staff created a barrier to block the bullets and reflect them back on the police. Johan asks where everyone else is and Eulgyeong tells him that they all ran away as shortly after the volcano errupted.[95]

Miho is confused as to why the volcano still erupted despite tearing the talisman apart. Van tells her to stop complaining and tells her to leave as she has already done her part. Van prepares to face Kali and tells Miho to leave as she had wanted, to get out of Jeju Island. Miho is hesitant to leave, but as she does, she tells Van to stay alive. Kali pops out from the ground and Van smugs as he knows now that Kali cannot keep rebirthing over and over again. Miho calls Butler Jang for a helicopter to get out of Jeju Island. In the meantime, Van clasps his fist together to open a portal to summon Shiva.[96]

A huge tornado appears and in the distance, Gungtan is upset at how his plan had failed, even more so, that it was thrawted by a mere girl. Gungtan explains that as Kali si from the realm of the 33 gods, if there is no talisman connecting her to this world, she cannot appear in her physical form. As Gungtan approaches, he notices that Van has summoned Shiva. Shiva appears from the tornado and both Shiva and Kali charge up a sphere blast in front of their mouths and blast it at each other causing a huge explosion. Despite being in the helicopter, Miho is blown back from the blast, but Butler Jang catches her. Butler Jang tells Miho that Johan’s situation is currently unknown as they had a confrontation with the police, and they shot them indiscriminately. Furthermore, since the eruption occurred, it is unclear if he survived. As Miho looks out the window, she ponders how it would only take one hour to arrive at Okinawa. She reasons to herself that Johan would understand if she left him behind. However, after pondering for a few seconds, she tells Butler Jang to turn the helicopter around towards the volcano as there is a possibility that Johan is alive. She tells him that she can’t just give up on Johan.[97]

In the meantime, Johan is trying to find a way out, but it seems all the roads are blocked by lava. Eulgyeong tells him that he has already accepted his fate. All the sudden Johan is able to get signal and receives a call from Miho and tells her he is ok, just a minor scratch. He tells Miho where he is and that he is with Eulgyeong. Miho tells him to hold on until they rescue him. From the helicopter, they notice two children on the rooftop asking for help and Miho tells Butler Jang to descend. However, Butler Jang tells Miho that the helicopter can only carry 6 and at most 7 people. Right now, there is already the pilot, copilot and the two of them, already adding up to 4 people. There’s no way they can save everyone. To Butler Jang’s surprise, she tells him that there is a way.[98]

Miho tells Butler Jang that she can’t leave Johan behind or give up on the children and thus offers to get off the helicopter herself. This way, Johan and the children could be saved. Butler Jang tells Miho that it would be more reasonable to let him stay, since he’s old and would die anyways. Miho tells him she has no plans of dying and will find a higher ground. Since she is younger, it would be easier for her to move around. She tells Butler Jang to hurry and rescue and then come back to her. Butler Jang thus leaves on the helicopter.[99]

Back to the battlefield, Kali shoots a blast at Van, but Van is unharmed and controlling Shiva, Van slices Kali. Kali tells Van that it is insane to call out Shiva as he is the god of destruction, the wind of destruction, Chakrastra. Kali cries out to Van, asking if he is planning to destroy the world by summoning Shiva. Kali summons all the other beasts demons that Van that had been appearing on Jeju Island, including the Jangsan tiger to attack Van, even the tortoise, but Van easily destroys them all. Van controls Shiva to drive the trident right through Kali. However, Kali begins to expand into a huge pile of flesh sucking in Shiva and Van as she plans to implode with them together.[100]

Just as Van is getting sucked into the blob of flesh, Suki pulls him out. Suki punches Kali and sends it flying. Van wonders how she is still alive and asks her who she is. Suki just tells Van to focus on the enemy ahead and prevent Kali from self-destructing as doing so would cause a surge of power in the land, thus they have to dissipate that power. Van tells Suki that he’ll take care of it and stabs his palm with his vajra and with his own blood, slashes the air, controlling Shiva to slice Kali into little pieces, thus dissipating the explosion. [101]

The helicopter approaches the volcano, but it cannot get any closer for fear of being struck by the debris. However, Butler Jang pleads with the pilot to get a bit closer as they have to save Johan. All the sudden a debris flies at the helicopter so the pilot dodges it but the blades of the helicopter hit a wall causing it to lose control. As everyone screams in panic, the chopper freezes in place as Johan recites Psalm 23 to hold the chopper in place. However, Johan’s wound that he receives from one of the bullets begins to bleed out and he feels like he is losing consciousness. [102]

Back in the city, Miho is trying to help the citizens to climb to a higher place before the lava reaches them, but in the panic, a little kid falls and is left behind. Miho rushes in to save him as the lava pursues them. As Miho turns around, she sees Gyobin within the lava as the lava torrent overfloods them. Suddenly, Miho is back in a room and wakes up. She is confused as she thought she was dead, but how did she return to her room. How did she survive? [103]

In a flashback, Miho remembers that just as the lava is flooding, Gyobin tells Miho that he’s sorry and that it is all over. Miho rushes downstairs to look for the butler and Johan and Johan asks if she is ok as she had been sleeping for 3 days. Miho hugs Johan in relief and tells her Butler Jang is ok as well. On the TV, the news reports about how Eulgyeong is arrested and apologizes. Johan tells Miho that she probably already has realized by now, but that everyone in the island was caught in the illusion of a “volcanic eruption”. The moment Kali exploded, the illusion was undone. Miho is confused though as she assumed Kali would just kill everyone. However, Johan mentions how perhaps her goal was not to destroy Jeju Island, but rather feed on the anger, despair, fear to gain power. Johan’s guess was that through the fear of the volcanic eruption, Kali would gain control of human’s through fear and that Gyobin was trying to stop that, else he wouldn’t have left the clues and the USB. However, Miho mentions how Gyobin hates Jeju Island. Johan responds that she is correct, he probably did at first, which was why Kali replied to his calling. However, Johan adds, people are not only creatrues of hate and maybe he regretted his initial decision, which is why he reached out to Miho. The TV continued to report how Jeju Island suffered a case of mass hallucination or miarge. However, because of this illusion, many died of heart attack, yet there is no evidence of the volcanic eruption, none of the CCTV cameras showed it and none of the photos or videos taken by camera or phones showed it either. According to Johan, it was because the spiritual aura created a field strong enough to disrupt electronics. Miho goes to the beach to find Van and notices a hole in the sky. [104]

Seraphina shows up with Gungtan’s staff. She tells Miho that she was busy doing an investigation and tells her the staff is belongs to the criminal. Gungtan crawls back to base with half his body gone. The sect commander is surprised Gungtan could it even make it back. He asks him if his wounds were caused by summoning Kali or because of Shiva. Gungtan answers saying it is not a big deal, just a backfiring of the spell and asks for another chance and complains that he no idea Van could summon Shiva with such ease. Gungtan reminenscnes the whole gruellig process of summoing Kali and how it was all to stop the destruction of the world or more specifically Shiva’s appearance which represents destruction. However, the very process intended to stop destruction brought upon the summoning of Shiva ahead of time. The leader of the sects tells Gungtan that it is a shame, perhaps if Van had not found the nest, then maybe he would have had a chance. He then opens his palm and the letter “白” (White) appears in bright yello and abosrbes Gungtan’s life force. As Gungtan disappears he wonders where he went wrong. After Gungtan’s death, Seraphina finds the staff and picks it up. Apparently, Seraphina most likely sneaked into the sect HQ and overheard the conversation as she basically tells Miho how it unfolded. Miho is a bit shocked at how Gyobin would believe the words of Gungtan who offered him revenge, calling him stupid. Seraphina tells Johan that she will be taking the staff back to the Vatican.[105]

Miho takes a smoke on the terrace and asks Johan if he thinks Van is ok. Johan is a bit shocked that she is worried about Van. Johan tells her to not worry. It’s not like Van can die so easily. In some coast area of the island, Van looks up at the sky with the hole and mutters how what has to come would come.[105]

Defeat of God[]

The next day, Miho is woken up by all the noise outside. Apparently, they are delivery trucks arriving to deliver flowers that were sent to her for her birthday. She walks out of her and sees flowers all in the living room. Butler Jang greets her and also gives her a present as well, a hair braid. However, Miho wonders if there was any news from her dad, but Butler Jang says no. Furthermore, it seems Johan had to go to the US to take care of some things. Miho notices the smell of one of the flowers and decides to move it into her room as she likes the scent. As she lays in the bed, suddenly a head of a lust demon drops into her room. Van shows up and tells her to pay up. Miho is happy to see him and tells him that the cash is under the bed. Van asks why all the flowers and Miho lies saying that she wants to change the atmosphere and get rid of the smell of blood. She asks if Van doesn’t like flowers and Van tells her to shut up, but begins to get dizzy and collapses.

Miho tries to slap him awake, but nothing works. At that moment, she receives a call from Johan and Miho asks Johan for help, saying Van passed out, having a full-body fever. Johan guesses that maybe is a side effect of users of spiritual powers. Johan says that she has to figure why he turned out that way or he may die. Johan tells Miho that users of spiritual powers don’t recover like normal people. Johan tells her that there is one way, but not sure if she is willing to try. However, after hearing Johan out, Miho refuses. However, she can’t leave Van as is, so she carries him to the bed. Miho blushes and hesitates whether she should do as Johan says. [106]

So, Miho asks Johan if it is spiritual power than Van needs, but Johan says that there is something more important and that’s to cook for him. Johan tells her that spiritual users sometimes have sudden cases where they are exhausted and need to eat food related to the spell that they had cast. Johan gave his own example of waking up only after taking in the sacraments (bread and wine). Johan proceeds on saying that since Van practiced esoteric Buddhism, then probably curry would be best. In reality, Johan was just messing with Miho, making it all up, as he knew Van would get over a simple fever. As he hangs up the phone, he mutters to himself that Miho would probably fall for his tricks and mentions how he did not tell her that he was already back in Korea. Miho actually begins preparing curry, however, she adds some random ingredients including caviar. Miho convinces herself that it is for the sake of needing Van’s help with the lust demons. Miho finishes preparing the curry and brings it to her room where Van is resting. She uses a wet towel to lower Van’s temperature and tells him not to misunderstand that she is only doing this to save herself. She takes off Van’s shirt as he is sweating too much and sees all the scars in his body. She blushes as she continues to wipe off his sweat. However, after all the work, Miho falls asleep on the chair.[107]

When she wakes up, Van is gone, and the curry is gone. Just then, Johan shows up and wonders where Van went. Miho tells him that he probably got better and left, saying that it seems the curry did its job. Johan just laughs saying he thought Miho knew he was kidding. In anger, Miho tells him to get out and that she’ll call a private jet to send him back to the US. Johan calms her down by revealing the gift he had prepared for her. Johan sneezes and asks why all the flowers, mentioning how someone with allergies would have passed out right away. At this point, the two realize that maybe he is allergic to flowers, though a still in a bit of disbelief given that Van is such a killer. Miho treats Johan to the leftover curry she made. However, Johan cannot get himself to eat it, questioning if Van really ate it and if he did, did he pass out again. Apparently, the curry was really bad, but Miho still forces Johan to eat it. It turns out Van never ate the curry, but accepted the kind gesture, so he took it and threw it in the trash instead, so that Miho wouldn’t know. [107]

Suddenly, out of the hole in the sky, buildings and a spaceship fell out. On it, there is “Hope” written on the side as well as “United States” printed on the spaceship. Van sees the spaceship from afar and asks Suki who is nearby if that is a rupture from space-time caused by the confrontation between Kali and Shiva. Suki responds saying it looks like the abyss mentioned in the prophecies of western literature (probably the Bible). Van then cuts her off, saying he doesn’t care, but tells Suki that he had already warned her not to show up before him. Suki tells him, if he dislikes her so much, he can kill her. Van just walks by, holding a lust demon’s head.[108]

Johan watches the news as it reports about the spaceship. Suddenly, Miho comes in and tells Johan that she can finally leave to Seoul. In a flashback, Miho is preparing for her classes in the school when all the sudden Van shows up at the window. He throws in the head of the lust demon and tells her that this the last one and tells her to get out of Jeju Island. Miho tells Johan she already bought the tickets and will be leaving the rest to Butler Jang. Johan tells Miho that he will stay behind as he has to go to 5.16km highway to do an exorcism and figure out about the hole in the sky. Johan mentions how in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, there is a part where it mentions that the beast of the abyss will wage war[109]. However, Miho doesn’t want to listen and leaves immediately. Miho arrives at the airport and successfully boards the plane.

On the flight, a random white-haired man extends his handkerchief to Miho as he notices her sweat from the nervousness. Miho thanks him but says it is fine. As Miho looks out the window, she notices the hole in the sky and the white-haired man tells her it is the “bottomless pit” or “Abyss” and proceeds to quote two passages from the Bible in the Book of Revelation, mentioning about how the beast from the Abyss will wage war against them (in context referring to two witnesses send by God) and overcome them [110] and then go to its destruction[111]. As Miho realizes the similarity of the statement to what Johan said, she is dumbfounded and asks who he is. He then proceeds to continue to quote the Bible saying how God does not test man more than he can bear[112], shows the back of his hand which reveals the letter “白” (White), telling Miho that he is the man who will test the gods, the very beast that will lead the world into destruction. At that moment, a hole appears right next to the plane, and a evil beast is summoned out of it. [108]

The evil beast attacks the airplane and blows it up. Johan sees the explosion of the plane and is so shocked, he drops his staff. In panic, Johan tries to call Miho and is distracted as a truck almost hits him. Out of nowhere, Heyool shows up and pushes him out of the way to save him. Johan thanks her and Heyool asks if this is Jeju Island. She asks which way leads to Baekrok Park[113]. Johan points her in that direction and Heyool walks away.

Van appears out of the rubbles having saved Miho. Suki is also present and asks Van why he didn’t prevent it as he probably would’ve had a premonition. He answers saying that all who are involved with him have no good ending, that that is the result of karma. However, he continues saying how this llife-death situation was able to break out of the karma loop. Suki holds up a white flame from the rubble, mentioning how it represents the “White” cult and explains how the evil beast from the hole was summoned by White from a different dimension. Suki asks Van what he will do and Van answers with the answer he almost always gives, he will cut it apart into pieces. [114]

Media & Merchandise[]


  • Island Drama (Korean Wiki) - live-action drama based on the Webtoon starring Nam-gil Kim, Cha Eun-Woo, and Lee Da-hee. It is available in English on Amazon Prime.
    1. For Information, refer to the Island (Drama) page as we had moved it to here.
  • Exorcist in Island - A mobile game built off the original story of Island, and not canon. It reuse and retells the Island's story and characters, but expanding on the story with new characters and storylines. Characters from the Webtoon that appear in the mobile game include: Van, Miho, Johan, Seraphina, Kojima, Aikawa, Seinan, and Kyoichi.[115] In addition to Suki Kang from Neolithic Girl.
  • Anime - a 3D animation in November 20. Is in production by Weziwork Studio and is scheduled on Netflix.
  • Novel - the novel, written by Inwan, contains all the stories that were not told, and this is the actual Part 2, the sequel. It was originally published between 2000 and 2002, and was later reprinted in Naver Web Novel with illustrations by Kyungil.[116] However, some of the contents were reused for webtoon Part 2, thus is assumed this is no longer canon.
  • Unnamed Game 1 - In 2001, an online game was produced and even went through closed beta testing.[117] The genre was mmorpg, but it was abandoned before it even got close to being officially serviced.[116]
  • Unnamed Game 2 - Although it was little known, there was a mobile game. It seems to be an original story. The main character is Miho's younger cousin, Kanghyeon Won, and he is quite the munchkin in the story. He is talented in mantras, exorcisms and black magic. The game quality is not that good, but it features a unique battle method using cards.[116]


In the official Ylab Store, there isn't any merch but you can buy the collector's edition of both Part 1 & 2. but is likely only in Korean language:

There is another box-type collector's edition, with Part 1 published by Daewon in December 2022 (4 volumes total) and Part 2 in January 2023 (4 volumes total).[118]

Criticism & Evaluation[]

Part 1[]

Any direct criticism or evaluation of the original manhwa doesn't appear on Namu however, there are some hearsay that the near ending was underwhelming. In addition to the controversy of the last arc about Korean & Japanese conflict due to WW2.

In regards of the book release, the initial impact of the announcement was great, but the ending was disappointing . The same goes for the novel version, which was written by the Inwan, but the writing skills are much lacking. Still, the novel was completed, and even though many years have passed since then, there are readers waiting for the sequel. Because the novel's content is so tragic, they seem to want to separate it as a separate work from the original.[119]

Part 2[]


Since it is a remake that quickly serializes Part 1 and redraws Part 2 with new drawings, there were criticisms that it was being eaten raw, and others that said to wait and see for now. However, since there are already several series serialized in this way on Naver Webtoon, it cannot specifically criticize Ireland.[120]

At the beginning of Part 2 of the series, there were many negative opinions that Miho had a very different feel from Part 1. However, keep in mind that Island Part 1 was serialized in 1998, and Part 2 began in 2017. In other words, it has been 18 years, and of course the drawing style is bound to change during that time, so the opinion that it is not good because the drawing style is different may be disrespectful to the author.[120]

As Part 2 was linked to the Superstring worldview, some readers were disappointed and want it to be an independent work. The drawing in the early part of Part 2 was well received for showing tremendous drawing power, but there were opinions that the drawing deteriorated from the mid to late part.[120]


  • Black & White Color - After completion, at the author's request at the end of June 2020, Part 2 episodes was replaced with black and white drawings. The problem is that there was no prior notice or explanation, and readers who owned the work in color suddenly suffered damage. All existing coloring work was deleted and replaced with simple black and white coloring, so the drawing was downgraded considerably.[121]
    • This is criticized is that no compensation measures or follow-up were provided to readers who owned the existing colored version. Forcing the product to be converted to black and white even though the product was purchased after seeing a clearly colorful illustration is a serious act of deception that allows the consumer to arbitrarily change the contents of the purchased product
      • It returned to color on April 14, 2021. However, in the case of the revised edition, it was originally sold as a black and white edition, so it remains in black and white.


  • A rumor that there was going to be a part 3 however the illustrator is busy with other works and had left Ylabs.
  • The webtoon's concept is based around myths and religion from eastern and western cultures. Like esotericism, Hinduism, and Catholicism.
  • In the Flexmind website, there is a teaser shot of an Island mobile game to be released in 2019. This was the "Exorcist in Island."
  • For English webtoon, this has the third least views with just reaching 1.1 million in terms of Part 1 only.
  • In Part 1, Ep. 30, Uchida and Johan were playing Tekken 3. With Uchida using Jin Kazama and Johan using Hwoarang.
  • In Part 1, Ep. 40, Hikaru is seen wearing a Hello Kitty Pin.



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